What are the Image types and Where to use it?

What are the Image types and Where to use it?
Digital Image formats

What is image format?

There is no universal image format that is best for all scenarios. Every type of image format has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here's a summary of each format's best uses.


WEB graphics are Probably the most web-friendly image format there is. JPEG is great for images when you need to keep the size small, such as when you need to upload online. If you don't mind compromising the quality of the image a, use JPEG. 


WEB GRAPHICS / ANIMATION / CLIP ART: Out of the three formats (GIP', /PEG & PNG) GIF is the worst choice for web graphics, although file sizes are very small, and they load very fast. Plus, if you want to add animation effects, use GIF. Also great for clip art. 


PRINT GRAPHICS TIFF is the best and only choice for professionals when images are intended for print. Its ability to read CMYK and YCbCr color, plus it ability to store such high pixel intensity makes it the only choice f designers, photographers, and publishers. 


 WEB GRAPHICS / LOGOS & LINE ART PNGs are great for web graphics. If you want to keep the size small but still retain the image quality, use PNG. Also if you want to use transparencies, the PING is the format for you.


PRINT GRAPHICS ,These files are large and uncompressed, but the images are rich in color, high in quality, simple, and compatible with all Windows OS and programs. BMP files are also called raster or paint images.