The Best Chowmein in Kathmandu

The best chowmein in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

The Best Chowmein in Kathmandu

The Best Chowmein in Kathmandu

Are you a fan of noodles? Are you not satisfied with the quality and taste of noodles you get in the restaurants of Kathmandu? Do you want to explore more about chowmein noodles? If you have answered Yes to all three question, then don’t worry we’re here for your palate’s rescue.

With the help of this blog you’ll get to taste the finest chowmein in Kathmandu. If you've always been skeptical about new places to eat and wanted to delve into that heavenly taste of foods, then this blog certainly will be helpful.  

Mama’s Boi Restaurant and Coffee Shop, located at New Baneshwor near Ace Institute, is the best restaurant for one of the finest foods, especially Chowmein. I have always been a huge fan of noodles and each time restaurants have failed to provide that delish, divine, and flavorful taste of fried noodles. Many people say, chowmein is the easiest recipe to cook and it’s always the same “what’s new to be added?”, but honestly I beg to differ.

Like every food has its unique taste and recipe, Chowmein also has one and I've never tasted better Chowmein like in the restaurant mentioned above.

For your convenience, we have shared Mama’s Boi Restaurant and Coffee Shop’s Facebook link and Google map location. Go Enjoy! and if you may as well leave the review in the comment.

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Happy Food Hunting!