The Best Restaurants in Kathmandu: 5 Top Places to Eat

Top 5 Restaurants in Kathmandu

The Best Restaurants in Kathmandu: 5 Top Places to Eat

The Best Restaurants in Kathmandu: 5 Top Places to Eat

Living in Kathmandu and selecting the best restaurants to eat out with friends/ family is harder than it looks as there are eateries in every corner and mostly in every steps. Being a foodie, choosing the right place for mouth-watering flavors has always been hard for me. The biggest disappointment lies either in taste and quality of foods provided by so-called high-end expensive places or their customer services and ambiences.

Among many many places that I’ve visited so far, when I don’t feel like browsing every restaurant in the way, some restaurants have become my go-to eat-out places. These listed restaurants are not only famous for their foods for me but also in customer service, ambience and food quality.

  1. Mezze by Roadhouse (Durbarmarg)


This place is very famous for its unique and flavorsome dishes in Durbar Marg area. All Kathmandu residents are well familiar about this place as it lies in the heart of city near then Narayanhiti Royal Palace, now known as Narayanhiti Museum. The place has very beautiful ambience and with surprisingly good foods.

The most popular and my personal favorites of this restaurant is Smoked Dumpling and Pizza. You must try out its dishes at least once if you’re a food lover and are exploring best dishes in Kathmandu.

  1. Le Trio (Jhamsikhel, Maharajgunj, Durbarmarg)

Le Trio

Le Trio is another best restaurant which serves tasty foods in Kathmandu. The restaurant has outlets in different places in Kathmandu. However, Jhamsikhel’s outlet is very popular for being a dining hub. You can see restaurants in every way and every step, so it will be really confusing to choose one if you’re a first timer there or you don’t have a specific place in mind.

Le Trio is one of my favorite restaurants when I feel like eating momo or Jhol Momo. The place is admired for its Jhol Momo by many. Among many other delicious dishes, the place has also delicious crunchy chicken and burgers.

  1. Mantra Thakali Restaurant (Jhamsikhel)

Mantra Thakali Kitchen (Jhamsikhel)

Mantra Thakali Kitchen, near Cafe Soma of Jhamsikhel, is very popular to those who enjoy having a pure and authentic Nepali Thali Set. People usually visit the place for lunch and dinner as Thali Set is Nepalese main cuisine.

Compared to many hyped Thakali Kitchens, Mantra Thakali Kitchen serves the best Thakali Khana Set with flavorful dishes inside Kathmandu valley. If you have not visited the place yet and are tired of having the same old Thali Set, you must try out this place.

  1. Dan Ran Japanese Restaurant (Jhamsikhel)

Dan Ran

This is Dan Ran's facebook page.

If you are tired of same old Nepali cuisines and are fond of Japanese menu, this should be your try-out different dishes kind of restaurant. Dan Ran restaurant serves the best and authentic as possible Japanese foods. They serve Nepali dishes and snacks as well if you’re not so fan of Japanese foods.

Their Japanese menu leaves you with amazement. Quality food, flavorsome dishes, ambience, and customer service, all can be expected to their best in this restaurant. If you are near or in Jhamsikhel area and in confusion to choose a restaurant, just go here.

  1. Twenty Forty (Old Baneshwor)

Twenty Forty

Twenty Forty is located in Old Baneshwor area of Kathmandu that offers new multi-cuisine casual dining service. Even though the place is not as old as aforementioned restaurants, it has become really popular in very short time due to its service, ambience, and foods.

You can see the restaurant's facebook page here.

Even Nepali cuisine taste very satisfyingly different in this place. I don’t think you’ll regret trying out their main dishes, noodles, platters, sizzlers, pasta and street style foods.

Here is some of the best and most popular foods to try out in kathmandu.