Online Food Delivery Services in Kathmandu

best online food delivery services/ latenight food delivery services in Kathmandu

Online Food Delivery Services in Kathmandu

Online Food Delivery Services in Kathmandu

If you’re searching for the best food delivery services in Kathmandu, you’re in the right place. The growing ‘Food Craze/Hype’ in Kathmandu can be clearly seen in various social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We can also see many people working as Foodie professionals who review foods, write food blogs, recommend the best dine-in options, and many more. Being a food lover has become one of the popular sources of earning among youngsters in Kathmandu these days.

Consequently, to meet the demand of growing foodies, many online food delivery services started emerging in the capital city of Nepal. Among many food delivery companies, Foodmandu is the pioneer. After its launch, many other food delivery companies started to appear in the market. Today, food delivery companies are experiencing a very competitive market as we can find many companies from small to large.

The list of various food delivery services inside the Kathmandu Valley are listed below:

1. Foodmandu

foodmandu logo

Foodmandu is the pioneer in food delivery industry in Nepal, so it has been enjoying its first-in market share of a large portion. It is very popular among foodies and food lovers. The company has the most partners and largest customer base compared to its competitors. Foodmandu is trying to distinct itself on food quality and authentic and high-end restaurants from other food delivery services.

2. Bhojdeals

bhojdeals logo

Bhojdeals is another well-liked food delivery company giving a neck-to-neck competition to Foodmandu. Customer base and food partners of Bhojdeals are competitively growing as of Foodmandu. Bhojdeals offers coupon reward system to its loyal customers.   

3. Pathao Food

pathao logo

I think, we all are well-known about Pathao’s ride sharing service and since Pathao had already been in the delivery and logistics business, it started its own food delivery service on the side. People at first were skeptical about Pathao food delivery services as it was famous as ride sharing service, however, slowly we can see people using its food delivery service frequently as well.

4. Khaanpin

khaanpin logo

Khaanpin offers an attractive website for food orders and deliveries. The website became popular especially for delivering foods and beverages in the night time. Even though the service has not gained as much popularity as Bhojdeals and Foodmandu, people still prefer it for night deliveries.

5. Bhokmandu

bhokmandu logo

Talking about new emerging food delivery services in Kathmanud, Bhokmandu is another. Among new and popular food order and delivery services in Kathmandu, Bhokmandu aims to maintain the highest quality standards for foods by using fresh and healthy ingredients and by preparing in extremely hygienic kitchen maintained under the supervision of international chefs.

6. Bhok lagyo

bhoklagyo logo

Bhoklagyo purposes its customers with late night delivery service in Kathmandu. Unlike its competitors, Bhoklagyo operates at night to answer the Midnight or late night hunger of its customers and to ensure night parties’ demands are met.

7. Justnep

justnep logo

Like many other food delivery services, Justnep is a premium on-demand service company committed to make people’s lives convenient, easier, and smarter. The app and website of Justnep allows its users to order foods from their favorite restaurants with no minimum order facility.

8. Foodial

foodial logo

Foodial Nepal offers an online platform and delivery system to all foodies from hygienic kitchens and restaurants of Kathmandu valley. The aim is to incorporate all valued customers in one mobile app and provide the best quality and delivery services. It provides its partners and customers the luxury of saving time with the highest level of satisfaction possible. At the same time, Foodial offers to open a new doorway that will provide limitless business and employment opportunities along with the company.

Fodial is soon launching its services inside valley with more than 100 partners. It will be offering various schemes and coupons to its first time order customers and many extra services to its partners.

Download Foodial app Here

9. Foodmario

foodmario logo

Like many other food delivery services, Foodmario is another one. The company aims to connect home chefs with customers all over Kathmandu Valley. It has been very popular in Kathmandu among home chefs and people who want healthy and hygienic homely foods.

10. Mero Lunch

mero lunch logo

Merolunch delivers a healthy and homely meal at its customers’ doorsteps. Mero lunch is one quick click home delivery and office delivery food service which offers food services to individual, office lunches, and party/ events.


The above listed Food Delivery Services are popular in Kathmandu. These food delivery services in Kathmandu are delivering in night time as well as during the day. To meet highest customer satisfaction, many online food delivery services are now offering late-night/ Mid-night deliveries.

Among all the above-mentioned services, Bhojdeals is my personal favorite online food delivery service of time, which one is yours? Leave your favorite food delivery service below in the comment.