Life and Millennials

A poem about Millennials' lives by Kala Rai

Life and Millennials

One of the popular peoms about lives of millennials

Source: Life of Millenials by Kala Rai

Life of Millennials

Life? What tells us?

Are we living or crawling to meet the end just?

Lies and cheats make us more human than anything now

But then also to whom do we often bow? 

Everyone seems to be complaining about everything when life was supposed to be simple and but nothing

We search, search for our meaning and purpose of existence

Oh! but how we all fail to understand simple persistence

What meant the most is now lost and maybe it’s b’cause we wanted to adjust!?

Oh… what life is? What tells us? 

Hope is long lost and forgotten, hence our future is doomed and beliefs are rotten

What we do is everything for civilization but livings are turned to ashes, is there a hope for realization?

Maybe I am the only pessimist in the world of optimists

However, in our eyes, crazies are those who they call themselves realists 

We know we are not wrong or lazy, we’re just millennials!

I am sure you all know about the constructions but just tired to be impeccable!

Even though, life has taken so much of us and we have taken so much of life, we still know a little about sticking together in chaos

I hope and pray that we understand we are better together for not only humans but for all livings like us.