5 Life Changing Books You Must Read (2023)

Life changing books that you must read in 2022 are : The happiness hypothesis, Breaking the habit of being yourself, I'll teach you to be rich, Atomic habits, The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

5 Life Changing Books You Must Read (2023)

5 Life Changing Books You Must Read 2022

“Readers are leaders” and “The more you learn, the more you earn”

I don’t know about you but there was a time when I used to purchase and read every books recommended. It took me years to find out that all the books I had read were saying the same thing and was wasting both my time and money on them. After reading a lot of books, I realized that reading one best book which offers new and different knowledge and information is better than reading multiple books delivering identical learnings.

The best five books that I’m recommending here, also fall under my re-read books. If I had to read few books over and over again in my entire life, I definitely shall choose these 5 books to read-through.

  1. The Happiness Hypothesis
  2. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
  3. I'll Teach You to be Rich
  4. Atomic Habits
  5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The Happiness Hypothesis (Jonathan Haidt)

The very first book that left me flabbergasting is Jonathan Haidt’s ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’. The book lists and explains the 10 main ideas that have been discovered and proved to work to make people happy. Each chapter attempts to deliver and persuades to exercise the lesson in our today’s civilization for happiness as it has been proven from scientific research from the past.

Personally speaking, the book’s ‘Ultimate freedom is not the goal’ part fascinated me the most. Before reading it thoroughly, the idea seemed unappealing and confusing, however later on, it made more sense than many other things. According to the idea, if we are ultimately free without any constraints, then we tend to feel miserable.

I know it seems like a paradox because most of the time, we work harder today in hope of getting free tomorrow. However, being totally free does not make people happy, instead it makes them suffer.

To make this idea clearer, I’m giving you my personal example. Exactly before one year, I quit my job because I did not like the job, I did not like the time constraint (9 to 5) of the job, and I did not like me not being my own boss. Before leaving the job I felt like my ultimate freedom and happiness are about to be here. However, only few weeks later after quitting, I realized that being free was not as enchanting as I had hoped. I was depressing myself on the idea and things I need to work on and I should have already done and so on. Technically I was freer than ever, I still had money that I had saved from my last job but I definitely was not happy being totally free.

Again when I started working as a writer and blogger as a part timer, I started to feel my day a little more fulfilling than before (being free).

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

Joe Dispenza’s ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’ book is about believing on self by creating and empowering the better version and not just limiting the abilities by genes for the rest of our life. The author talks about all the possibilities of impossibilities we can align our mind, heart, and spirit.

The book discusses Meditation as a bridge to science and spirituality of our body and with a right method and technique of meditating, we can achieve and empower all. By showing the combined fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics, the author shows us what is truly possible.

The most captivating and inspiring part of the book is its ability to be persuasive by putting science and logic behind. I had read many other books on meditation and health, trust me, but none of them touched me and motivated me to try the 12-minute meditation as it did.

I'll Teach You to be Rich (Ramit Sethi)

We all know 2020 to 2021 has been a roller-coaster ride for us all (financially and psychologically) due to Pandemic. During the pandemic, many lost jobs, many experienced financial crippling and many. However, some rich brains got the best out of the situation. Being rich is all about financial management and rules.

The book by Ramit Sethi ‘I’ll teach you to be rich’ exactly teaches us the financial management rules and techniques that most elite and rich people follow to stay rich. According to the book, rich people are not those who earn a lot or are very smart and brainy, but those who know the rules about finances and those who follow those rules regularly, being disciplined.  

If you want to upgrade your financial life and personal life being rich, elite, and smart, you should read this book thoroughly.

Atomic Habits (James Clear)

I don’t think that I’ve ever met a person who is satisfied by their own current version because every changes occur within, they bring new sides and new personality which they would want to improve. The Atomic Habits of James Clear is about making yourself the better and wiser version by developing sustainable habits.

Everyone wants change or, least of all, better change of your own-self. However, the failed attempt to obtain certain changes in our habits are numerous.

The Atomic Habits motivates you to get to the root of changes and know more about making changes stick forever. The idea revolves around making an identity, building the stories for the identity, and taking actions for the identity to persuade others to cast votes for.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (Mark Manson)

Honestly, I was quite hesitant to read the book as everyone on my friend circle and others were reading it and posting about it on social media so, I wanted to be unique and single millennial who did not read the book. However, despite my utter attempt to not read the book, I found myself reading pages after pages so addictively.

I’m assuming that I’m the last one to recommend this book as most of you might have already read it. Nonetheless, if you have not, I highly recommend you to try to be that cliché millennial by reading the book.

The book offers self-improvement and science of developing good intentions techniques and benefits. Like most of the self-development books, the fun and light-hearted book, it talks about taking actions and application of the ideas that we think will improve us better. The book also discusses negative sides of just hoarding the good ideas and thoughts but not applying it in our habits and routines to achieve the maximum version of ourselves.