Working from Home tips – All you need to know

Working from Home tips – All you need to know

The Covid-19 has led the world into getting self-quarantined and lockdown situations. Staying at home for safety purposes does not guarantee working for many people, especially for the people working in IT field. Here are some tips for people working from home to stay productive apart from safe.

Locate a place in your room for working

The bed looks a good place to start working when you are just in your pajamas and no one is going to see you work. However, bed makes you lazier and your concentration at work is hampered. Choose someplace just not too cozy for you so that you doze-off. Someplace little under your comfort zone so that you could be productive like your study area, living room , terrace etc.

Working Hours

Maintain the same working hours you used to have while working in your office premises. The fact that you don’t need to separate the time spent travelling from and to office does not mean you need to work longer hours.

Attend Stand Up Meetings

Never forget to attend the Stand-UP meetings even if you get sick and are getting the day off.  Missing the meeting means you lose a day of catch up in shortest time possible.

Always be in contact

Make sure you are always connected to your team members. Being in contact with all your team members is very much essential for the normal office operation. In case of unavailability, let your team know in advance.

Plan the meetings

Never start a meeting out of blue, just because you have a blocker. Things are not easy as gathering people for 5 mins in the conference room of the office. Always plan a meeting and send an email invite.

Share riddles/puzzles:

Share stress buster in the office channel to keep people engaged. It will act as a time out. Think of it as the time you spent chatting with a colleague in the kitchen making a cup of coffee.


Play the music you like and play it via speakers. No one will judge your taste and your ears can always relax without your earphones plugged in .

Talk to your favorite coworker

Amidst the work, don’t forget to check in with your best friend from work. May be send a “Work from Home” selfie. Hey! Working from home gets a little boring at times.