Whats APU ? Know more about it.

Whats APU ?  Know more about it.

APU ??? Whats that? 

Almost everyone knows about  CPU and GPU (i.e. Central and Graphics Processing Unit) and how it is making our life easier digitally. But what's APU ? APU or Accelerated Processing Unit is a processor that combines the power of both CPU and GPU on a single chip. You are gonna enjoy the benefits of both worlds into one. The chip is engineered to be faster than usual as both CPU and GPU are combined and the GPU are called IGPs (Integrated Graphic Processor) of the CPU.   In short,  the communication pathway is between the CPU and the GPU is made nearly negligible which increases the processing speed.


After Covid-19 the global shortage of GPU  made people start looking for alternatives because of the hike in the price. APU came knocking as an alternative for PC gamers and Animators who use both CPU and GPU's intensively.  So.. Isn't that the same as intel inbuilt VGA graphics? Yes, Absolutely. But Intel did really gave APU a chance and went into CPU race. AMD took APU's to next level embedding GPUs to CPU.

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