If you are shutting down your Device then You are Doing it Wrong ????

Which one is best for your laptop, is it shutting down your laptop or using it in sleep mode? What will be your option???

If you are shutting down your Device then You are Doing it Wrong ????

As you you know that your laptop is a device you can't do anything so it's essential to keep it running at an optimal level. which includes how not to consume the power when it is not used.

What is sleep mode?

Sleep mode is when your laptop or desktop remains standby or in suspend mode which is also known as a power-sparing mode that your laptop/computer enters when not in use. Your power is maintained by the RAM. When your device is in Sleep Mode it cut power to any unneeded system but your Ram receives enough power to enable it to maintain the data.

You can choose when to put your device in sleep mode.

For that, you need to follow the steps.

  • Click on windows Start
  • Click on Setting
  • Go to System
  • Click on Power and Sleep

Once you complete the Steps following figure will appear.


During sleep mode, your laptop/computer does not consume the power which is unneeded but only spare the power Of the RAM so that your data does not get removed.


So, get back online to the system you just need to press the power-up.


What is Shut down Mode?


Shut down mode is when your system is completely down. In this state, you can’t get back our data back which is unsaved. And cannot get back your files. 


What's better for your laptop: sleep or shut down?

 If you are using your laptop infrequent basis, you can keep your device in sleep mode because it's easy to keep your data without loss. As you know some components such the LCD screens, batteries, and Hard drives, have a finite lifespan.

 Once you completed all your work or you won't be using it for an extended period of time, such as the weekend, shutting down your device is fine. It's also a smart idea, especially if you haven't turned it off in a few days. See, the longer you leave your computer on, the more applications, apps, and background processes it will execute. Those items are reset after a shutdown, which is important because persistently running apps slows down your PC over time.

Most laptop users are familiar with how a simple restart may occasionally resolve an unresponsive app or issue. Shutting down your computer once or twice a week can clear the RAM and free up memory and computing power.

Conclusion : 

So if you are not using your device for the long term all you need to do is shut down your device. and if you are using the device frequently don't shut down your device.