8 mistakes every beginner programmer makes 

what are common mistakes made by programmers in coding loops.

8 mistakes every beginner programmer makes 

1. Writing code without planning 

Most beginner works with out proper plan and blueprint of the code what does it do and 
how they are going to implement the code on. So Always think, research, plan, write, validate and modify.

2. Underestimate the code quality

Everyone sees the code in different ways sometimes easy codes seem to be different and difficult which makes it more 
difficult so first try to understand its workflow. Focus on the readability of the code.

3. Picking the first Solution 

when you have a certain problem try to find the best solution, not the one you get at first, 
who know the problems is much simpler in another method. Don't pick the first solution. Find the simplest solution to the problem.

4. Not quitting 

"Remember why you started. Don't give up, find a way".No matter how much time you spend on a code, bad code needs to be discarded.

5. Not Googling 

sometimes you need to google and research the code that you are working on.It might help you to solve 
your problem is simple ways because you might not only be the one who is facing the same problem.
So, Googling will reveal what you need to do is not fix the problem but embrace it.

6. Not using the right Data Structures. 

You need proper data structures knowledge to know how it works and how it's going to work when you code them.
Learning the pros and cons of the various data structures will help.

7. Making Existing code worse

Try to make it less messy even your code works. try to give the proper captions for each section because this code may be reused by others too.
Always leave the code bit cleaner than when you started to work with it.

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8. Obsessing about best practices 

Practices make man perfect. Stop worrying about best practices and focus on what you can do best.