Apple Watch 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ? which one would you choose ?

Following the trends, both the android fans and iOS fans are excited about the smartwatch, which has also become the hot-ticket showdown this year. With both smartwatches the apple watch and Samsung galaxy watch 4 launchings officially you might be wondering who wins.

Apple Watch 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ? which one would you choose ?

Apple Watch 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Which smartwatch wins?

These two smartwatches are two of the best that you can get right now- period. Both watches are for different users but you get to choose between them according to the innovative features that companies can give to watches. Apple and Samsung have given their best to bring it into the customer's wrists.

But who has produced the better? we have covered everything about these two watches.

Price and availability

The 41mm GPS-only Apple Watch 7 starts at $399, which is the same price as the 40-millimeter Apple Watch 6 with GPS. It was released simultaneously with the iPhone 13 series and is currently available. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is on the market. The 40mm Bluetooth model will set you back $249.99, while the 40mm LTE model will set you back $299.99. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with improved materials starts at $349.99 for the 42mm Bluetooth variant and $399.99 for the 42mm LTE model. It was launched with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, two of the best smartphones on the market right now.


The Apple Watch didn't get the sweeping flat-edged makeover that had been predicted in recent months – of course, the Series 7 is curvier than prior Apple Watch models. it isn't immediately apparent unless you compare the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6 side by side.

The Apple Watch 7 display, on the opposite hand, is probably the foremost significant update. Apple hasn't altered the display boundaries of the Apple Watch in years. The Apple Watch 7's display, on the opposite hand, is up to twenty larger than the Apple Watch 6. although the chassis size hasn't changed, the Apple Watch seems plenty bigger with a tiny low 1.7mm bezel. It certainly appears to create greater use of screen real space than the Galaxy Watch 4.

There are two design possibilities for the Galaxy Watch 4. First, there's the sporty-looking Galaxy Watch 4, which is the company's flagship and a successor to the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Second, there's the 'Classic' model, which keeps the luxurious features of last year's Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The Classic edition resembles a classic watch and provides a wonderful blend of design and functionality, with a tactile spinning bezel that will be wont to browse menus.

 New features and software

When compared to the Apple Watch 7, the Galaxy Watch 4 offers some additional unique features. Body composition analysis using BIA is one of them, as is improved sleep tracking with more frequent nighttime blood oxygen measurements.

Additional software updates are going to be available for both smartwatches. The Apple Watch 7 comes pre-loaded with watch OS 8, which incorporates additional messaging capabilities, different timers, and a Mindfulness app. However, one piece of software that's exclusive to the Apple Watch 7 is some things we've been wanting for a long time. 

The Series 7 features an entire keyboard for composing messages, taking advantage of the larger screen. It's one of all the features we said the Apple Watch 7 should take from the Galaxy Watch 4, and we're delighted it came true.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is that the first smartwatch to run Wear OS 3, the newest version of the wear and tear OS. Samsung has tweaked the One UI Watch interface, so it still appears like Tizen in certain ways.

If Wear + One UI Watch delivers on its promises, it's going to be the foremost persuasive Apple Watch competitor yet. for added information on how the 2 operating systems compare, see our Wear OS vs. watchOS comparison.

Battery life

With the always-on display and regular activity monitoring, the Galaxy Watch 3 lasted a bit over on a daily basis in our tests. The Galaxy Watch 4 appears to last round the same amount of your time, however, it should be extended to 2 days.

The Apple Watch Series 7 includes a battery lifetime of up to 2 days, but as long as you do not use the foremost popular functions. Instead, with daily activity monitoring, constantly on display, and some phone calls answered from my wrist, the 18-hour battery life was put to the test. However, the Series 7 comes with a brand-new USB-C Magnetic charger that claims to charge it 33 percent quicker than the Series 6.