Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developers


  1. CSS viewer

A basic property viewer for CSS


  1. Page-ruler-redux

To achieve exact pixel measurements and placement to measure items on any web page, use a Web Developer Designer ruler.

  1. Fonts Ninja

Boost up your design workflow!

  1. CSS Peeper

Create attractive style guides by extracting CSS.


  1. ColorZilla

Color Picker, Gradient Generator, Advanced Eyedropper, and more colorful delights.

  1. WhatFont - Find Font

         Easily find what font is used on any website.


  1. JSON Viewer

Your eyes have never seen a more gorgeous and customizable JSON/JSONP highlighter.

  1. QuickCode - Free Online Programming Courses

Quick Code curates and offers the top free online programming courses every day.


  1. Podcastle AI

Podcastle uses machine learning to transform written news/articles into podcasts with highly natural human speech.

  1. Web Developer Checklist

Examines any website for potential breaches of best practices.