Ntech Track 501 Argon Gaming Mouse-Review and Specifications

Everyone wants a precise gaming mouse with high accuracy. Finally, Ntech Nepal has launched the best gaming mouse for you. Which is very economic as you want every gaming mouse to be.

Ntech Track 501 Argon Gaming Mouse-Review and Specifications

Ntech has the best gaming mouse. which is just designed for you. 

Why do you need to buy Ntech Track 501 Argon?

Symmetrical Counterweight 

In order to adapt to players with different hand feelings, independent weights are designed on the left and right sides of the mouse. by Customizing is more stable and accurate.

Optical Engine Responsive

the mouse adopts optical engine design, stable operations, high sensitivity, and can capable of shooting games and office entertainment.

Aluminum alloy roller 

The mouse adopts an aluminum alloy wheel to prevent slipping, firm and smooth, the sliding feel is delicate and the structure is firm.

ColorFul Breathing lights 

Colorful breathing light, the lights change color synchronously when switching DPI, 4 light modes 7 lights color meet different favorites, increase the sense of atmosphere during the game.

Ergonomic design

The mouse adopts an ergonomically symmetrical design, comfortable grip, and responsiveness, so that victory is under control.

Ten thousand micro-motions Quick click Curved structure, fits the curvature of fingers. ergonomic design, responsive and comfortable grip

GAMING mice designed for Pros.


(1) Fully programmable
(2) Customizable RGB lights
(3)6400 customizable DPI, Shifting on the fly.
(4)Customizable french counterweight for grip
(5) High precision during shooting
(5)High precision for fast movement games like starcraft
(6)Modern Ergonomic slip-free design
(7)1000 HZ response rate
(8)Optical Engine responsive