Ntech Track 502 Nova Gaming mouse - Review and Specifications

looking for a gaming mouse? Ntech has launched the new gaming mouse which might be the one you are looking for it for a long time.

Ntech Track 502 Nova Gaming mouse - Review and Specifications

Why need to choose the Ntech Track 502 Nova gaming mouse ?

Mechanical macro programming

Macro programming chip design, responsive /accurate positioning/stable operation.

Colorful breathing lights

Colorful breathing lights, the lights change color synchronously when switching DPI, 4 light modes, 7 light colors to meet different favourites, increase the sense of atmosphere during the game.

Optical engine responsive

The mouse adopts optical engine design, stable operation, high sensitivity, and can cope with shooting games and office entertainment. 

Ergonomic design

 The mouse adopts an ergonomically symmetrical design,  comfortable grip, and responsiveness, so that victory is under control.

Four-Speed DPI Shifting

800-3200 DPI, four-speed shift adjustment,one step at a time.

Mechanical Modeling

Mechanical modeling, e-sports mechanical feel, easy to operate

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Ntech Track 501 Argon Gaming Mouse

Special Features:


(1) Fully programmable

(2) Customizable RGB lights

(3)3200 customizable DPI, Shifting on the fly.

(4) High precision during shooting like PUBG.

(5)High precision for fast movement games like starcraft

(6)Modern Ergonomic design.